Immersion LED Display screen principle September 14,2020.
Immersive LED Display screen experience is to provide participants with a completely immersive experience, so that users have a feeling of being in a virtual world.
The head-mounted display is used to seal the user’s vision and hearing to produce virtual vision. At the same time, It uses the data glove to close the user's hand feeling channel to produce a virtual touch.

The system of LED Display screen uses a voice recognizer to allow participants to give operation commands to the system host. At the same time, the head, hands, and eyes have corresponding The tracking of the head tracker, hand tracker, and eye tracker makes the system as real-time as possible.

The immersive LED Display screen system is an ideal model to replace the real environment, and it has a virtual environment with the latest interactive means.
Common immersive system included : systems based on helmet-mounted displays and projection virtual reality systems.

The immersive LED Display screen system is an organic combination of high-resolution stereo projection technology, three-dimensional computer graphics technology and sound technology together, it produces a completely immersive virtual environment. In this system, any object in the 3D environment can feel the operation of the participants and implement the corresponding changes.

The observer wears liquid crystal stereo glasses and a six-degree-of-freedom head tracking device in order to feed back the observer's viewpoint position to the computer system in real time and experience the immersive feeling. When the observer walks in CAVE, the system automatically calculates the correct stereoscopic image for each projection surface. At the same time, the observer holds a sensor called Wand to interact with the virtual environment.

Definition of immersive LED Display screen psychology
In psychology, the feeling that the individual's spirit is fully invested in a certain activity is defined as flow, and when flow occurs, there is a high sense of excitement and fulfillment.

The term "flow" sounds more academic, and "immersive experience" may be more grounded. As soon as the term "immersive experience" was born, it was quickly applied in various fields, especially in the fields of games and digital displays.

There are three conditions for immersive LED Display screen experience:
One is to set the player's ability to match the challenge. If our ability is low but we face great challenges, we will have anxiety. If our ability is high but the challenge is low, we will feel bored. Therefore, designers need to give users some difficulties, such as more powerful monsters, and also need to improve user abilities through level design. The second is to have a very clear goal when designing the experience process, such as a dome theater. Its design is to bring a strong and shocking audiovisual impact to the audience and enable them to enjoy an immersive high-tech virtual reality experience. The third is that the designed interactive behavior has instant feedback, which makes people feel that there is a response to any interaction.
Response within the range.

How to use LED screen to layout immersive
Requirement 1: Three or four sides form the front, side, and ground (top surface if possible). The pictures are made with three-dimensional 3D animation to form a strong sense of realism.
Requirement 2: The same model of LED screen can be used to realize the splicing of wall and floor images without level dislocation.
Requirement 3: Picture splicing requires a large video processor or picture splicing device, which can realize four-sided or five-sided picture splicing so that there is no gap between the picture and the picture.
Requirement 4: The brightness of the LED screen should not be too high. The main feature of the immersive style is to immerse the first visual in the screen, making people feel that I am walking into a real world. Too high brightness will make people tired or will feel tired after a long time. Eye damage.
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