Immersive LED Display Screen September 14,2020.
LED Display Screen
Immersive LED Display screen experience sounds like a very high-level vocabulary. It is always associated with VR, virtual reality, and future technology, but in fact it does not contain any high-tech, but you and I have experienced it in daily life.

Simply, immersive Immersive LED Display screen experience is the use of human sensory and cognitive experience to create an atmosphere for participants to enjoy a certain state. The immersive experience covers a lot of areas, as long as your attention is attracted for a long time, Your various senses are affected by the current atmosphere to produce feelings, then it is successful!

Why is immersive LED Display screen experience so popular now?
The current immersive experience is actually a product of the development of the times. With the rapid development of the Internet, we have faster and faster access to information. In this era, a simple, flat exhibition or a traditional drama can no longer satisfy us. The traditional exhibition is upgraded to an immersive exhibition, and the art exhibition is upgraded to a full immersive sensory feast, so that the audience can get a richer experience.

1. The sense of presence for LED Display screen is the most important!
Real immersive art will make you feel as if you are out of the real world and let you fully feel the ideas the artist wants to express to you in the current atmosphere, not just for you to take a few beautiful photos.

2. LED Display screen is Very interactive!
In the immersive experience, you can interact with these art installations! For example, in the work in the picture below, the work randomly changes the shape of the flower according to the gaze or touch of the visitor, blooming or withering, creating clever interaction.
It makes people feel like being in a sea of flowers.
Immersive LED Display screen Visual sense
Immersive LED Display Screen
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