Problems That Need To Pay Attention In The Structure Of LED Display September 7,2020.

1.Space issues

This is the primary issue that needs to be considered in the design of LED display screens. The display screen needs to be matched with the building where it is installed. The building site should leave enough space for the led display screen installation. If this problem is not solved, the original plan for the display screen will not be implemented

2.Display maintenance

According to the maintenance method, the LED display can be divided into two types: front maintenance and rear maintenance. The post-maintenance methods can be divided into general post-maintenance and mobile post-maintenance. The indoor screen unit board is adsorbed on the mounting bar by the magnet column feet, and the unit board can be removed from the front of the display screen during maintenance. This is a typical front maintenance structure. There is also a structure in which the screws used to fix the module on the box can be removed from the front of the module, so that front maintenance of the led display screen can be achieved. Usually the display is repaired from behind. In the process of designing large LED display screens, it is necessary to consider leaving enough space on the back of the screen for maintenance personnel to enter. This space is called maintenance space. The space in the outdoor screen is usually made into a closed type, supported by a steel frame and then surrounded by plates to play a waterproof role. Some display screens are small in weight and are temporarily fixed to the wall. Remove the display screen from the wall during maintenance. The display screen can also be installed on a mechanism that can be moved within a certain range, and the mechanism can be moved when maintenance is needed to generate space for maintenance.

3.Waterproof of the led display screen

The typical waterproof method of outdoor display screen is to enclose the frame structure of the screen body, side and back with edging materials.

Glue is applied to the joints between the front box and the box to protect the box from rain. Commonly used outdoor screen edging material is aluminum-plastic Plate, aluminum plate or stainless steel plate can also be used. Outdoor display screens can achieve waterproof function by using waterproof box. In this case, there is no need to enclose the back space of the display screen, thereby saving material. However, the cost of this type of cabinet is higher than that of ordinary cabinets, and the waterproof effect is worse than that of ordinary display screens.

4. Heat dissipation of the LED display screen
The outdoor display screen generates a lot of heat during the working process, and the temperature of the cabinet will rise greatly due to the sunlight from outside. Exhaust fans are usually installed on the door cover of the box to exchange air with the outside to dissipate heat. However, this heat dissipation method still cannot meet the needs of high-power display screens. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to install an air conditioner in the maintenance space of the display screen to meet the needs of the screen body for heat dissipation.
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